Nigos Investments believes in being on the same side of the table as our clients. When we provide wealth solutions, we want our clients to know that the advice is being provided not because we are going to generate a commission from the recommendation, but because the advice may provide a solution to their problem. That is why our choice of getting compensated for our services is not by commission, but on a fee basis.

We charge an annual fee between 0.05% – 1.5% depending upon the market value of the assets under management and specific asset allocation implemented.  Management fees are prorated and paid quarterly, in advance, based upon the total portfolio value.

(Fee calculation example = $500,000 x .0125 = $6,250 per year = $1,562.50 per quarter).

On occasion, Nigos Investments will solely provide consulting services for a negotiated fixed fee that is paid in advance.